Article spinning and article spinner

Get this picture??? No this is way too confusing. What is this? - This is the art of article spinning : A new era of article marketing brought in the world of internet by some genius at work. Ahhh article spinning, now i get - people use softwares like article spinner for the purpose of article spinning and article marketing. Put simply : article spinning is the art of replacing words in an article by their synonyms. This way the articles appear to be fresh content for search engines and directories and are not marked as spam or duplicate content but their original meaning and intention remains the same, either to promote a product or traffic to a website.

Just from a glimpse of above picture just try to replace each word in curly braces by any random word from the list and you will get a unique article. With so many spun words i can say that you might get 4-5 70-80% unique articles from above paragraph like article. Now what exactly i want to imply ? With such applications and innovations it has become very easy to bypass some of the major penalties given by the search engines or other sites (as they need only fresh and original content. And people who are lazy to write original eye-catchy content are often the ones who get hung-up on these applications.

The simple reason for that is : This method works flawlessly (assuming you have the right article spinner, some tweaks and the capacity to think right out of the box) and can help you in your article marketing with miles of success. A way to prevent any error from happening is to only select the articles which are highly unique (atleast all sentences have 2-3 spun words and overall spinning is 75-80%). Moreover while choosing these articles also make sure that you as a reader or customer or a random viewer will grade this article good ratings and will think about clicking your sales link.

If everyone follows steps like these, iam sure article marketers can have a bright future and silly spamming and plagiarism will come to a halt. Seriously being an owner of article directory, only i know what it means to actually sit down and painfully reviewing each article before allowing them to appear on my site. It takes upto 3 months sometime to allow an article to get published.